Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Nov 21-27

Sorry for the delayed update. It's been a busy week.

Things to remember,

Wednesday: Wear pink for bully awareness

                  : Special Visitor at 1:00 for the Grade 5s

Friday: Nifty Nature day, organized by the Grade 2s. Bake sale and spirit day. Be sure to show your love of nature, in your own creative way.

Our Tower Garden is taking shape. We have planted our lettuce and later in the week, we expect to plant our herbs. We are anxiously waiting for our pokey chives to show up. Fingers are crossed!

Have you been reflecting on your Math goals for Grade 5? Based on results so far, do you want to be reassessed on any particular goal? Have you been working towards improving any math skill? Don't forget to complete the reassessment form to let me know.

Have a great week everyone.
Mrs. Hanna

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