Monday, 14 November 2016

Nov. 14-20

It was so nice to meet most of your parents last week. I can't believe mid-November already. This year is flying by very quickly.

This Week


Picture Retake Day. Parents need to email the school if retakes are required.

Mathletics : The grades 3-6 will be participating in Math challenges for most of the day. This is a fun and challenging day. Teams are formed with students from each grade.

Double Lunch Day: Please consider packing an extra lunch for those less fortunate. We will be delivering our extra lunches to the Mission. Be sure they are wrapped in disposable packaging.

LoneStar Family Dinner - 10% of dinner bill will be donated back to St. Gabriel School

Friday: School PD Day. Teachers will be participating in Math workshops for most of the day.

Have a great week everyone.
Mrs. Hanna

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