Saturday, 1 October 2016

Week of Oct 2- Oct. 9

What's Up This Week?

Reminder to all students that Friday is a  PD Day. Monday is Thanksgiving so no school.

Math: We are beginning addition and subtraction of large numbers, including problem solving tasks. New assignments have been set in Khan Academy for you to get a head start on your learning.
Language: We are continuing with 100WC5 this week, as well as beginning our Read Aloud, PAX. Please continue to read each other's blogs and share your thoughts with well developed comments. We have a great deal of talented writers in our class. Take this opportunities to learn from one and other.

(Stay tuned for our Mystery Skype reporter, Taylor. She will be sharing a blog post about our great day. It will be posted later this week.)

Math Test Results

I was very pleased with the overall results of our first Unit test. The 4 goals are clearly laid out on the rubric.

Students with level 3 or 4 are progressing at grade level. You can continue to build your math proficiency by working through the assignments in Khan Academy and working on the links provided.

If you see level 2, which indicates "approaching grade level", I recommend you continue to practice these goals. I am willing to reassess you on these goals, if you have continued to practice. Simply complete this form, letting me know what you've done to improve and strengthen your skills, and which goal you'd like to have reassessed. Strengthening these concepts are very important to improving your math abilities going forward.

Reassessment Request

If you see Level 1on any goals, I will continue to work with you, in class. You are encourage to continue to practice at home by watching some Khan videos and working through assignments. Together, we will work to building up your math understanding.

Don't forget to have the Math Tests signed and return the red duo-tang to school Monday.

Email Subscription Problems

We seem to be having problems with the email subscription feature. I have decided to set our class up on REMIND. This is a quick way for me to send out reminders, ie "Terry Fox walk is tomorrow, don't forget permission forms", or to let everyone know I have posted on the blog, "Check out the new blog post". If you would like to receive these reminders, follow the steps by clicking this link. Students and parents are encouraged to sign up.

REMIND Invitation

Have a great week everyone.
Mrs. Hanna

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