Monday, 17 October 2016

Week Oct. 17- 24

What's up this week?

We Scare Hunger - The Grade 6s are running a campaign for the Kanata Food Bank. The grade 5s have been assigned pasta and sauce. If you are able to contribute, it would be appreciated.

Math: We are continuing to work on adding and subtracting large numbers, and solving real world problems. This week, students will begin to practice using Prodigy, as well as Khan Academy. They are encouraged to practice for 20 min a day at home, at least four times a week, to build proficiency.

We will be continuing our book study of Pax this week, with the focus on "Mood and Tone".
We are also learning a new technique to make our writing come to life.

Exploding the Moment,
  • What is it?
    • When a moment is slowed waaaay down for the purpose of painting a frame-by-frame picture for your reader…
    • Snapshots
    • Thoughtshots
      • Flashbacks
      • Flashforwards
      • Present thoughts
Be sure to check the blog to read all the great 100 word stories.

Book Reviews: Please remember to take a few minutes to recommend a book that you loved. Ify you liked it, I bet your friends will too. The form can be found in the margin to the right.

Next Week: Picture Day is on Tuesday

Have a great week.
Mrs. Hanna

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