Sunday, 4 September 2016

Welcome To Grade 5

Welcome to Grade 5. 

I am looking forward to getting to know all you wonderful students and your families this year. This blog is where you will come each week, to find out what we are doing in class, read up on reminders and gather all sorts of information. This first one is a big longer, so sit back and enjoy.

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*Students must have indoor and outdoor shoes. We want to keep our floors as clean and dry as possible.

To follow the events at school, and to locate necessary forms, click the school link

What does our day look like?

In the morning, there are 25 Grade 5 students and we will be working on Language, Math and Religion. At lunch time, some of our friends will head off to French Immersion, and we will be welcoming some new students to our class for the afternoons.
In the afternoon, we have 24 Grade 5 students and we will be exploring French,Science, Art, Phys. Ed and Health.

Your French Teachers: Mme Boyer will teach Immersion and Mme. Novak will teach Extended French.  Mme. Novak is new to St. Gabriel and we welcome her with open arms.

I'd also like to welcome Mrs. Simpson to our class. She is one of our fabulous Education Assistants and will be working in our room at various points throughout the day. She will be circulating to assist all of us in the class, me included. Welcome Mrs. Simpson!

Welcome to our Ottawa University Teacher's College Student Teacher,  Rosalinda Ruelas de Matyas. She will be joining our class every Wednesday. This time will increase as the year goes on. She will complete a full teaching practicum in our class for 8 weeks in February and March. Welcome Ms. Rosalinda Ruelas de Matyas.
Another face you will see in our room is my daughter Emily Hanna. Emily is a first year Carleton University student and she's studying to become a teacher. Many of you are very familiar with Emily as she did a high school co-op placement in Grade 3, with many of these students. Welcome Emily!

As you can see, we are very blessed with great support in our classroom. I am really excited to get started with our year. We will be sharing our writing with a global audience, sharing our reading journey with the world, embarking on authentic learning, inquiring about topics that you are most interested in, which, by the way, leads me to your homework for the week.


What Are Five Things You Want Your Teacher To Know About You?

Please click on this link, What I Want My Teacher To Know About Me. watch the short video, and submit your responses. Please think carefully about your answers. This will really help me get to know you, and it will help guide my planning for a fabulous year together. It would be helpful to me if you can complete this by Friday.

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