Sunday, 11 September 2016

Week of Sept. 12-18

What an amazing first week we had together. I can tell this is going to be an exciting year of learning and growing, together. The blogs are published and set to public. Click on Kidblogs to the right and read each other's welcome posts. Share our Kidblog link with friends and family as well. You are amazing writers, so let's share our talents. One way to becoming an even stronger writer, is by reading the work of other authors. We have so many wonderful authors, right here at St. Gabriel's! All the Grade 5s will be connected through Kidblogs so feel free to read the posts from other classes too.

This Week

This week, we will be working on our first prompt for our first 100 WC (Word Challenge). This writing challenge is a global community of young authors, sharing their work each week. Students will receive comments from teachers from around the globe. The creativity that flows from these posts, is truly exciting.

When your post is ready to publish, copy the URL from your post, and place in this form. (Click on WWC2)

We will also spend some time, learning how to provide constructive feedback to our peers, as we read other blogs.

In Math, we will continue to explore whole and decimal numbers. We will explore patterns in our place value system, and use these patterns to represent whole and decimal numbers in standard form, expanded form, in pictures, and in words.


Religion: This year, the Grade 5 religion symbol is The Rock. Please take some time this week to find a rock and bring it to school. We will be doing some activities with these rocks, so each child will need one. Please don't buy this rock at a store. Take some time to get out into nature and find that perfect rock for you! Please have them in class by this Friday.

Math: Take some time this week to practice math, using the links provided along the top of the blog. The more you practice, the easier the math will be in class. At any point, if you are struggling with a concept, take your learning into your own hands, and work on the links I've provided. Please see me if, at any time, you need extra help with any of the concepts we are working on. You, your parents, and I are a team in your learning journey. Talk to us, if you need help!

Coming Soon:

Family Pizza/Open House Night is coming soon. Please mark Thursday, Sept. 22 on your calendars. From 5-6, pizza will be served in the gym. Families will be invited to eat in the schoolyard (or gym if it's raining). Tip: bring a picnic blanket! The classrooms will be open from 6-7 for you to visit. (More information will be sent home as the date approaches)

Reminders for the Week

* Don't forget that students need a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes.
* Don't forget to send in your pizza, milk, and hot lunch lady orders.
* Don't forget to subscribe to this blog by inserting your email in the box on the right. That way, you'll be notified by email, when I post an update.
* Are you following us on Twitter yet? We'll be posting pics and thoughts from our day.
* Did you know...we are an Eco-Gold School? Please send lunches in reusable containers. All garbage will be returned home as we are a Boomerang school. We also don't allow the disposable water bottles, so if you choose to send a water bottle, please ensure it's the reusable type.

*Our schedule has changed this year. Here's what our day looks like. (Click on the image for a clearer look)

Have a great week everyone!
Mrs. Hanna

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