Monday, 22 May 2017

Good Luck to Abby and Taylor!!!

This week, the Destination Imagination team, comprised of grade 5 students will be heading to a global competition in Tennessee, We wish them the best of luck, and know they will be St. Gabriel's proud. We hope to connect via skype with Taylor and Abby if their busy schedule permits.

We are into our Measurement unit. Please see the tab above for the learning goals and supporting links.


The students have completed their social justice awareness websites. In groups, they selected topics of interest to them. Each member was responsible for a page of information. Please see the attached document with links to all the websites.

Social Justice Website links

We are now heading into our poetry unit.


The students will be starting Theme 3 (“Created Sexual: Male and Female”) in Family Life.
In Theme Three we will:
  • explore the idea that we do not have bodies, we are bodies; God created us as body/spirit persons
  • consider the major systems of the body, and learn that the reproductive system has unique characteristics
  • learn about the adult female and male reproductive systems and about human fertility in adult women and men
  • discuss the physical changes of puberty, as well as some of the emotional and social changes
Have a great week.
Mrs. Hanna

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