Sunday, 2 April 2017

Week of April 3-10

What's up this week?

Goodbye to Ms. R.

Ms. R is a first-year student teacher from Ottawa U. and has been with us since September. Friday is her last day with us at St. Gabriel's. We appreciate all the hard work and commitment she has shown each and every student in our class. She has really grown as an educator this year and we wish her great success next year as she pursues year 2. Thank you Ms. R! You will be missed.

Geometry: Please see the math expectations and goals for geometry in the tabs above. Students are encouraged to achieve their green circle, at least 3x a week in ReflexMath. This will strengthen math facts, which will be beneficial across all strands in Math.


The students did a wonderful job on the first installment of Griffin Radio. Please see the enclosed doc for links to the various podcasts. The students were tasked with finding an interesting article in Newsela. They then summarized the article as a group. Individual opinions were then written and shared.We hope you take some time to listen to all the wonderful articles and opinions.

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