Monday, 12 December 2016


Book Clubs are coming this JANUARY!!!

This January, we will be working in book clubs to come together and chat about books. Each week, you will be responsible for reading the selected chapters and completing your role for the week. The roles will be discussed in January. On Fridays, we will grab a mug of hot chocolate, and chat about books with our book club group. Mmmmm!

For now, what I need from you is to set about 20 minutes aside to complete the following form. (Once you begin, you can't save so you need to start and finish in one sitting.) I need you to read each book summary and watch the short video clip. After each book, there is a question to answer. From this, I will do my best to set you in a book club with a book you enjoy. Please be honest with your answers. If you rush through, you may get a book you didn't really want. It would help if you have a few books you'd be interested in reading. 

Enjoy the summaries.  Groups and book choices will be announced in January. 

Deadline for the form: Friday, Dec. 23 (If you don't complete the form, a book will be chosen for you.)

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